About us

SC ALDO SECURITY SRL Company has the main object of activity the production and selling of security seals, reusable envelopes and special locks.

Our products are made in Romania or imported (partner/distributor ITW Envopak UK in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Britton Decoflex distributor). All the seals have unique serial, all the identifications details are kept in database in UK for 7 years. The seals cab be ordered in stock version or they can be printed (text, logo, barecodes etc).

The main applications are: transport (air,sea,road), industry, health, tourism, quality control, Cash in Transit, etc.

The seals are made, as construction and used materials, for being tamper evident. No matter the needs of our clients we can offer a solution, and if it doesn't exist we will develop with our partner ITW Envopak.

Aldo Security® guarantees the best demand, no matter the aplication: SECURITY.

For personalising your products Aldo Security offers a varied range of solutions.

- Various colours (depending the type and class of the seal)
- Marking: Laser or thermoprinting
- We use an engraving machine with computerised control which allaw to realiase logos, special characters, barecodes etc for realise Markinkg Kits.

Laser marking allaw text, logos, barecode, special characters inscription. This type of printing is definitly and can be removed only by destroing the material.