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ISO 17712-compliant high-security seals built for containers, trucks, and maritime transport. Made from carbon steel, ABS, and polypropylene for strength and durability. Features a 10.5mm diameter and a robust 15.5 KN tensile strength. Anti-rotation design, easy to close without extra tools, ensuring tamper-evidence. Laser-marking available for logos, text, series, and optional barcodes. Offered in blue, orange, yellow, and white for high visibility and customization. Each box contains 200 seals for the utmost security of your cargo.


Introducing BOLT SEAL, your trusted high-security solution for containers, trucks, and freight transport. Designed to meet the ISO 17712 security standard, these barrier seals are robust and tamper-evident, serving as a protective shield for valuable cargo during transit.
BOLT SEAL is constructed with durable carbon steel, ABS, and polypropylene materials, ensuring superior strength and resistance. It features a 10.5mm diameter and a remarkable tensile strength of 15.5 KN, making it an effective deterrent against unauthorized access.
With anti-rotation properties and an easy-to-close design that doesn’t require additional tools, BOLT SEAL offers convenience and security. The seals can be laser-marked with logos, text, a series, and optional barcodes for added identification. Available in blue, orange, yellow, and white colors, BOLT SEAL offers high visibility and customization options.
Each box contains 200 seals, securely packaged to reach you in pristine condition.


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  • Containers
  • Enclosures
  • Trucks
  • Marine Transport


  • Carbon Steel
  • ABS
  • Polypropylane


  • ISO/PAS 17712
  • Diameter: ABS rod 10,5 mm x steel rod 7mm
  • Breaking strength: 15.5 KN
  • Anti-rotation
  • Cutting tools used
  • Easy to close (no tools required)


Laser marking:

  • Logo
  • Text
  • Serial nummber (up to 8 digits)
  • Barcode available on request


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange


  • 200 pieces/box
  • Dimensions: 420 x 220 x 230 mm
  • Weight:12,5 Kg