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TRUCKSEAL M plastic security seals offer versatile and customizable security solutions for a wide range of applications. These seals provide a high level of security with adjustable lengths, making them ideal for securing various items and ensuring access control. The unbeatable quality-to-price ratio of the TRUCKSEAL M seal sets it apart as a cost-effective choice for your security needs.


TRUCKSEAL L plastic security seals with adjustable length and self-locking pull-tight closures are customizable, anti-intrusion security seals that provide a versatile security sealing solution for a wide range of industries.

The applications for these seals are extensive, including securing fluid tanks, bags, envelopes, safeguarding online fashion item sales during return periods, and protecting access to trucks, cement mixers, and, in general, any need for security sealing and access control for protected items or premises.

Plastic seals with adjustable length and closures find use in various security applications, such as ensuring the open end of a mail or cash bag, securing chemical drums, or first aid kits.

These seals feature an adjustable, variable length, similar to cable seals, ensuring a high level of security and a traceable record of seal movements due to sequential numbering. Some seals can also be inscribed with barcode codes, company names, or logos, giving them the generic name of “numbered series seals” or “uniquely identifiable adjustable seals.”

Security printing is accomplished through laser engraving, and the TRUCKSEAL L seal offers ample space for customization.

The plastic TRUCKSEAL L security seal allows users to control access to items or premises such as warehouses, vehicles, containers, gas station pumps, offices, bank safes, cash collection bags, vending machines, cabinets, luggage, and many other objects. Additionally, food packaging or boxes can be protected against counterfeiting by restricting access and safeguarding against the unauthorized replacement or tampering of authentic products.

In practice, whatever your security sealing needs, the adjustable plastic TRUCKSEAL L security seal will successfully fulfill its protective role. It’s worth noting the unbeatable quality-to-price ratio of the TRUCKSEAL L seal.

TRUCKSEAL L plastic security seals with adjustable length are single-use seals, uniquely identifiable through customization.

The design of the plastic TRUCKSEAL L security seal resembles a band with an attached wire. They consist of a generous surface for customer customization, known as a tag, and a metal locking mechanism on one side, along with a filament-like plastic wire on the other. Similar to a cinch, the cable forms a loop when inserted into the locking mechanism. They cannot be separated without damaging the cable or closure mechanism, thus revealing any fraudulent manipulation attempt on the protected item.


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  • Tankers
  • Air transport and valuables
  • Trucks
  • Bags for transporting valuables, mail, courier


  • Polyethylene HD
  • Metal locking system


  • Indicative seal
  • Self-locking
  • Tear/break release
  • Adjustable latch (wide type)


  • Text
  • Logo
  • Series
  • Barcode


  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow


  • 2000 pieces/box
  • Dimensions: 435 x 230 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 6 Kg